How to Find Lingerie that Fits

If you are going to buy sexy lingerie, you want to be sure to get a great fit. Nothing ruins a sexy vibe quite like discomfort or the look you have when you are constantly tugging at your lingerie to keep it out of, ahem, certain cracks and crevices.

Because getting the right fit is so important, we are providing some tips that will make your sexy lingerie shopping experience as pleasant as possible.

Take Measurements: Your measurements are likely to keep changing so don’t rely on what you think your measurements might be. Get out that good old tape measure and measure your hips, breasts and waistline. Be sure to look in the mirror while doing so as tape measures can fold and bunch causing an inaccurate measurement.

Breast measurements should be taken around the nipple line and hip measurements should be taken at the widest part of the hips.

Get the Right Fit in the Bra: Many pieces of lingerie like lingerie teddy and certain types of fetish lingerie, have a fitted bra. The bra should fit in the same way any bra should fit. There are should be no cupping or gaps and the bra should provide adequate support.

Some women may choose to go with a bra that has a smaller cup size when shopping for lingerie as this will give the illusion of a fuller breast. This can make for a very sexy look, but women should not sacrifice comfort to get the necessary effect.

Getting the Right Fit in the Panties:

Whether your lingerie is one piece or two piece, it is likely that it has some kind of coverage for the bottom, unless it’s really kinky lingerie!

The bottom of your lingerie should also fit the way you would want your every day panties to fit. They should fit comfortably in the back, waist and hips without riding up.

Of course, a thong will ride up naturally but to minimize discomfort, look for a pair that features a soft material and is comfortable in the hip area.

Other Features:

It goes without saying that a piece of lingerie should also provide the proper fit in the torso area. Some lingerie will be more fitted in the torso while others will be more relaxed.

Many styles of fetish lingerie will be made to fit tight and even uncomfortably tight. Sacrificing comfort to get these sort of naughty lingerie looks is a personal decision we will leave up to you!

Straps should also stay up effortlessly, although if one does droop, this can be quite alluring!

Armed with these tips, you should be able to find a great lingerie look that works for you. We wish you the best finding the perfect piece!

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