How to Choose the Right Bra Shape For You

In reality there is no one bra fits all but also there are no hard and fast rules for which bra shape suits you. The most important thing is to choose a bra shape depending on your breast shape rather than its size. The most important thing is to choose a bra shape and style that make you feel good and is comfortable to wear.

Here are some tips on how to find the right bra shape for your breasts:

Balconette Bras: For Wide Set Breasts

balconette bra
The balconette bra includes wide set straps, open and more rounded wires and a horizontal neckline that will be better suited to those with wider set breasts. Balconette bras come in padded and non-padded varieties that will suit all cup sizes and individual needs.

Plunge Bras: Best for Small Breasts and Narrow Shoulders

Plunge Bra
The low centre of this style helps push together breasts and will give the individual more cleavage. The narrow straps will assist those who have narrow shoulders and the low wires will help avoid that painful wire rubbing. This style of bra usually comes in the sexiest styles but can also come in a smooth t-shirt style that looks invisible under clothing.

Non Wire Bras: Best for Smaller Breasts

Non Wire Bra
Also known as the soft bra this is perfect for those with A-Cups. Those small breasts don’t need to have wired support and often have perkier breasts which don’t need to be pushed up. This a comfortable option that allows the natural shape to be shown and are so comfortable they can be slept in.

Non-Padded Bras: Best for Bigger Breasts

Non Padded Bra
Larger busts often look best and feel more comfortable when wearing a bra with no foam lining in the cups. This style is lightweight, making it feel much easier and more lightweight to wear. Non-padded bras usually have thicker straps to make up for the lack of underwire, perfect for those with heavier breasts. These bras often come in pretty lace styles that are easy to wear and very comfortable whilst still be feminine and flirty.

Full Cup Bras: For F Cups and Above

Full Cup Bra
This cup has fuller coverage and the deep cup offer good support for anyone with an F Cup or larger. The styles with stretch lace tops are especially idea for those with shallow top cups. These bras come with lots of different colors, patterns and decoration that fit every woman’s style.

T-Shirt Bras: For Everyone!

t-shirt bra
The t-shirt bra is a simple no-frill option but they help create a smooth clean finish, making it suitable for every breast shape. This bra is perfect for those who wear bras for a long period of time as they are comfortable, modest and invisible under clothing. Those with large cup sizes are not as keen on this style of bras as the moulded style can sometimes dig in at the neckline.

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