Hitching a Ride

There’s something about romance in an action adventure movie that makes it that much sexier. Often times, the main couple has nothing to lose and all they have is each other. They’ve have been fighting for their lives making them seem all the more sexy and brave.

There are many ways you can play this out in the bedroom but wrestling with imaginary bad guys may not be the most erotic idea when it comes to sexy role play. Here’s one scenario that could play out well.

Say that for some life-threatening reason, you are being forced to get out of town…and you need to get out now. Your only way out is the highway, so you go out to hitch a ride. A driver pulls over but he (or she) is reluctant to take you. Desperate, you offer your body in return for a ride.

This type of role play can be made even more realistic if you wear the right clothing. The escapee can wear ripped dirty clothing that shows signs of a struggle. The driver can wear typical truck driver wear like flannel shirts and blue jeans. You can even meet up and do it in a car or truck.

The sex can be hard and desperate, or it can be surprisingly tender. Whatever it takes to make you feel as if you are truly attracted to each other.

A driver and escapee is just one kind of sexual role playing character ideas that can make your time in the bedroom more exciting. What direction will you be taking it in tonight?

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