Four Sexy Themes To test out this Fall.

Fall is here and we are all looking for ways to get warmer, from sweaters and longer socks to finding the right cuddle or sexy time buddy. With fall also comes one of my favorite holidays; Halloween. Which means we are turning on the spooky and daring antics. However, if you love this coming holiday as much as I do, you know that one night hardly seems fair enough.

One of the most anticipated aspects of Halloween is the fact that we all get to play dress-up without being judged or earning a side-eye, and even more, the exciting twist is we often tilt towards the darker more morbid ends of dress up. This is also extra exciting when you consider how enjoyable role play can be for those have sex. However, if you aren’t a regular cosplayer, you probably want for ideas. I bring you four fun themes to try out in the bedroom.

Since it’s Halloween, we’ll be exploring darker, or more mystical and paranormal themes, and colors to consider next time you buy lingerie in Canada stores or buy lingerie online in Canada

To start out this list I have one for those of us who like to add a little more risqué elements to their sexual fantasies. Hostage, while not a mythical creature playing hostage makes for a seamless bondage experience. Incorporating toys are not only exciting but also expected. The colors for these are black and red.

Witches, witches are a fun theme that goes right in line with the general aesthetic of Halloween. The colors for this theme would be black, dark purple and slight tints or hints of lime green. Not only will these give off the right spooky vibes, but they are sure to keep you looking amazing while doing so.

Another fun mythical creature to explore would be a vampire, vampires are strong, sexy, and very agile. A definite hickey is expected to sign off on a successful night of sucking blood or whatever else suits your fancy. The colors for this theme are black, red and dark brown. Accessorizing with fangs can be a fun addition to the night.

Finally, to round out our options we have a theme that plays more into a fetish. This can be done with simple dressing up or going deeper into exploring the fetish. Animals, or were-animals. Colors for this theme are light brown and black. Accessorizing with a tail for authenticity is a great way to enhance your look.

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